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The curriculum structure of the Al Azhar Bumi Serpong Damai Islamic High School includes the substance of learning that students take for three years starting from Class X to Class XII. The curriculum structure is based on Graduate Competency Standards, Content Standards, Process Standards, Assessment Standards and Basic Competencies of each subject.

The curriculum structure of Al Azhar Bumi Serpong Damai Islamic Senior High School consists of group A general subjects, group B general subjects, and group C academic subjects. At the start of class X) as well as, cross-interest subjects opened based on the analysis conducted by the Curriculum Development Team with the following considerations:

  1. Interest in Department Selection at PTN
  2. Deepening the preparation for the competition to enter higher education
  3. Accommodating Cross Departments at PTN

SMA Islam Al Azhar BSD implements the learning load of students in a package or regular amount of 45 lesson hours per week (meaning that the implementation of KBM is 5 days with 9 hours of lessons per day)

The application of education based on local and global excellence is carried out with local content in the form of Arabic and Craft subjects as a focus for entrepreneurial development in Graphic Design which can equip the entrepreneurial potential of students, as well as lesson plans compiled by all Al Azhar Bumi Serpong Damai Islamic High School teachers through compilation syllabus and learning implementation plan (RPP) which utilize materials from the internet, as well as teaching materials based on information and communication technology.
Strengthening Character Education is carried out through habituation in the learning process in the classroom or other curricular activities outside the classroom or outside of school. Meanwhile, literacy activities include reading habits for all citizens, library exploration and developing the potential of students through the preparation of scientific papers.
Counseling service activities related to personal and social life problems, learning, and career formation of students. The counseling service program for students of Al Azhar Bumi Serpong Damai Islamic High School is primarily aimed at developing creativity and career guidance
Self-development activities are facilitated and / or guided by counselors, teaching staff or educational staff that can be carried out in the form of extracurricular activities. Then, the implementation of Life Skills Education in the learning process is carried out in an integral manner such as group work, discussion groups, experiments, presentation of reports and so on. In general, the principles of implementing the concept of life skills cover three domains, namely attitudes, knowledge and skills
Remedial activities at Al Azhar BSD Islamic High School are for students who have not reached the KKM (Passing scores)  in a certain KD (Basic Competence) . Meanwhile, the enrichment activities carried out by the Al Azhar BSD Islamic High School can be used to make selections for students to take part in academic competitions, Olympics or the like.
Assessment of learning outcomes consists of assessment of learning outcomes by educators, education units and the government. Students are declared to have graduated from the Education Unit after meeting the following criteria:
  1. Complete all learning programs;
  2. Obtain a minimum good attitude / behavior score; and
  3. Pass the school exams and school exams with national standards