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SMA Islam Al Azhar BSD is a national standard Islamic school that offers Islamic and general education. School that continuously to develop along with the changes and dynamics of modern and Islamic education progress. Located in a safe residential area in the BSD area of ​​South Tangerang, and easy access from the main residential areas in South Jakarta and Tangerang Raya as well as various public facilities around the school, this is where the bright future starts.

SMA Islam Al Azhar BSD is consistent in moral development, development of global insight and transformation of knowledge as well as the development of talent skills. Therefore, we believe we can bring our students as Muslims with the best potential knowledge and skills and prepare student to enter the next stage in higher education according to the demands of 21st century education through curricula, programs and activities that are not limited to the classroom. We are here to be the school of choice for families as well as a second home for student. This is where the bright future starts